Growing up in E. St. Louis, EDVANZD spent countless hours exploring his grandfather's massive record collection.  Listening to multiple genres sparked his love for music and especially fueled his passion for hip-hop.


EDVANZD began his journey by performing on stage and being awarded an NAACP award among numerous other awards. He leaped from the stage to the screen when he debuted in the HBO movie “Soul of the Game,” which led to being cast in several other star-studded films and television shows.


EDVANZD, has been heralded as a high-octane MC with a sharp lyrical prowess by such legendary lyricists as Busta Rhymes. Consistently honing his craft of wordplay has led to his own successful social media series #FireFlowFridays. Recently EDVANZD was crowned a top 5 Blaze The Beat artist.  EDVANZD is poised to step into the spotlight as the future face of hip-hop.

Venturing behind the glare of Hollywood's spotlight, EDVANZD expanded his brand into production by producing Film, TV, Theatre and Music projects via his company EdVanzd Media. One of his current projects, the award winning documentary Target: St. Louis, Vol. 1 debuted at the reputable Urbanworld Film Festival and is currently making waves in the film festival circuit.




Black Washed Wall


EDVANZD proves to be one of the heaviest hitters in the no-rules arena of rap. His charismatic style is enough to penetrate ear drums and send the audience into roars.


He lets everything loose and punches in a catchy hook that sounds massive.  EDVANZD stretches his voice without limits, something that noticeably seems to have been mastered over time.


EDVANZD’s latest offering utilizes a characterful bass-line, tipping its hat to the legends of the genre. His verses lay out detail and personality, a performance that meanders and is consistently expressive and interesting.

I’m now keen to check out more music from EDVANZD – his bars intrigue and impress in a whole new way.

More than likely, EDVANZD raps better than you, your sibling and that one friend of yours you think has next. I know someone is going to feel offended by that comment, but once you hear “Move,” you’ll realize why I said what I said.


EDVanzd absolutely spazzes, through complex flows, a trill ass hook and pure pizazz.  4.5/5


EDVANZD goes for a sly, sensuous style with the hot heat of “How U Wanna Do It”. With such a physical, sexually charged sound the piece writhes in its desire for pleasure. Going ever heavier into a sense of unbridled lust, it has a summer fling sort of air.

Allowing all of it to flow through, EdVanzd proves to be a masterful lyricist always ensuring that every single moment is carefully selected.


What’s on offer is a smooth, bass-filled backdrop for a night of passion, all the while letting your body do the talking. I appreciate how the song’s approach is more lighthearted, as it continues to showcase EDVANZD’s ability to not only ease away from serious-toned thematic leanings, but at the same time, maintain output of a solid product.


East St. Louis native, Edwin EdVanzd produces film about secret military experiments on Black people.


Read more at: https://www.bnd.com/news/local/article255511146.html

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